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Sober living › 08/12/2020

Carrie Fisher, Augusten Burroughs, Leslie Jamison: 15 great recovery memoirs

Together, the books were adapted into a 2018 film starring Steve Carrell and Timothée Chalamet. This book is highly recommended for anyone who, like me, is or was terrified of living a boring life. This book will inspire anyone looking for fun and adventure to create incredible memories while living alcohol-free. Reading We are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen can quite possibly save your life. For anyone hiding in the shadows of shame, this book is a guiding light. For every parent riddled with guilt, for anyone waking up in the shame cave (again), for every person who has had a messy struggle forward towards redemption… this book is for you.

Alcohol Lied to Me by Craig Beck

Macy gives you the lowdown on this opioid crisis from start to finish, showing how big pharma misled doctors into believing these painkillers were not addictive. We all know what happened from there, but where do we go from here? With a behind-the-scenes look from the perspective of families and first responders, you can see the effects of the opioid crisis up close and personal.

Best Books Related to Healing and Mental Health

I’d like to think Jerry Stahl’s Permanent Midnight influenced me, too, particularly by encouraging me to try and be harrowing and funny at once. You will know your addictive behavior and you will be able to learn unique and unusual ways to encounter and inhibit in a smooth way that will never bother you in the future at all. The Truth of addiction help with addiction is another perfect example of helpful resources that can surely help with nearly any kind of addiction people might be struggling with. It is surely an effective way to help addicts get out of their darker sides of life and live a thriving and happy life with their families. But it touches all related areas such as dealing with insecurity, doubt, confusion, and low self-esteem. Whether you are suffering from a serious addiction issue or know someone who does, the book will help a great deal.

Stash: My Life in Hiding

  • This book is a guide to healing and living a better life for those who so desperately need it.
  • When we hear the word “recovery”, especially alongside “literature”, we tend to think of books on alcoholism or drug addiction.
  • In those stories, the decision to get better often arrives like a bolt of lightning, but this is rarely the case.
  • And it’s on the major change in 50 years of methadone policy,” Markey said.

It got me thinking the one thing I never wanted to be true… maybe it is the alcohol that’s making me so miserable? Next we have Mary Karr’s Lit, which is also the third book in a trilogy; it followed The Liars’ Club and Cherry. It’s a memoir of her addiction to alcohol, and her subsequent recovery, and her conversion to Catholicism. Meanwhile successful writing always surprises and challenges us, perhaps by defying the conventions of the form to which it belongs or simply by refreshing them in some way.

  • The situations and emotions a person experiences while a loved one struggles with drugs or alcohol can be completely overwhelming.
  • The story details the many instances where his son was able to get the help he needed despite falling off the wagon several times.
  • With the love and support of her family, redemption was within her reach.
  • The author narrates her work in a way that’s encouraging without being over enthusiastic or pushy.

Having a Sober Christmas 2023

We recommend it to parents who are raising children in a family that deals with alcoholism, as well as to counselors, therapists, and healthcare professionals that are working with families struck by this issue. This is one of the recovery books written from the perspective of a loved one. In this memoir, Barbara Cofer Stoefen details how her young daughter surrendered best alcoholic memoirs her life to meth. Annie, Stoefen’s daughter, lived on the streets where she committed crimes to the community, to her family, and to herself. In “Chasing the High,” you’ll discover how Kyle Keegan started with experimentation on drugs and alcohol in school in an attempt to fit in. What started as innocent experimentation became an addiction to heroin.

He soon discovers his brother has arranged for him to head to rehab. Resistant to 12-step recovery, Frey finds rehab intensely challenging, yet he persists. The book includes comprehensive examples, check-lists, and facts that anyone can use to identify signs of unhealthy dependence in a relationship. In the end, “Don’t Call It Love” features a twelve-week personal recovery plan to get you started.

  • You might also gain a stronger insight into why their loved one behaves as they do.
  • Whether someone you love or yourself are a recovering addict, we have outlined suggestions about self-help literature and books to help you with alcoholism, drugs, behavioral addiction, or co-occurring disorders recovery.
  • It addresses different interpersonal, behavioral, and cognitive tendencies.
  • If you are facing a medical emergency or considering suicide or self harm, please call 911 immediately.
  • The book provides insights on how best to deal with a dysfunctional relationship with alcohol.
  • The author explains why it’s important to feel responsible for our self-care and pains.
  • It took an almost fatal relapse to persuade him that he needed as much help as he could get.
  • We recommend it to parents who are raising children in a family that deals with alcoholism, as well as to counselors, therapists, and healthcare professionals that are working with families struck by this issue.
  • The beauty of literature is its ability to convey all the exciting, ugly, complicated nuances of issues like addiction, so we might reflect on the myriad ways it impacts our world.
  • Written by experts at the Center for Motivation and Change, Beyond Addiction is a truly unique guide for people who are dealing with a loved one’s substance use disorder.
  • Painful, candid, and now the subject of a major movie, “Beautiful Boy” is the true story of the meth epidemic that continues to cripple the country.

Employing an integrative, 7-step program for addiction, The Addiction Recovery Skills Workbook helps readers to better understand the roots of their substance misuse issues. A powerful tool when used in conjunction with treatment, the concept pairs motivational techniques, cognitive behavior therapy, and mindfulness strategies. Exploring the thoughts of an addict and a life unraveled by narcotics, this memoir spans the author’s struggles with opioid use disorder, to her time in jail, and ultimately to her recovery.

best addiction recovery books

best addiction recovery books

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